Electrical identification studs, commonly known as IPA Studs for the secure marking of electrical outlets and switchboards. IPA Label Pins for the secure attachment of labels to switchboards.


IPA Studs Pty. Ltd.
IPA Studs
10 John Street
Old Noarlunga SA 5168
Ph: 0411 743 738
Email: ipastuds@bigpond.com


Standard Box

  • Boxes of 50 studs with a letter A to Z or a number 0 to 150.
  • Available in red, blue or black with white printing or white with black printing.
  • Also available are RCD printed studs in green or white with black printing, or red, blue or black with white printing

Combo Kit

  • 2250 studs in a study ‘Plano’ tackle box (28cms x 19cms x 5cms) with 50 studs of each number 1 – 15 in red, white and blue.
  • The stud kit is the smart storage choice that enables wholesalers to supply individual studs to their customers while storing the studs neatly and conveniently.
  • Customized kits are also available.
  • Off the shelf in numbers 1-15, 16-30, 31-45 and so on up to kits to the number 95

Contractor Packs

  • 50 studs per pack.
  • 5 each of 10 consecutive numbers.
  • Available in red, blue, black or white
  • A cost effective alternative for small jobs.
  • Off the shelf in, 1-10, 11-20, 21-30 and so on up to 140-150.

Label Pins

  • Packs of 200 label pins for fixing labels and signs to switchboards.
  • “Our little plastic rivets”.
  • Also available in black.

Stud Kit

  • 24 Stud Kit 1200 studs in a sturdy tackle box (36cms x 22cms x 5cms) with 50 studs of each number 1 – 8 in red, white and blue. Excellent for W.A and S.A. Contractors
  • Off the shelf in numbers 1-8, 9-16, 17-24 and so on up to -100.
  • This stud kit is also available in White 1-24, 25-48 and so on up -100. Excellent for Qld. Contractors..
  • Customized kits are also available


  • Custom prints containing any combination of one to three alpha-numerics or special characters.
  • Stud colours available are red, blue black, white, yellow, green, orange and grey.
  • Print colours available are white, black and red.